The Stay At Home Chef: Tip Tuesday: Pan Roasted Mushrooms

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Tip Tuesday: Pan Roasted Mushrooms

I'm a mushroom lover. I mean it. I'm a sucker for them. Mushrooms often lack proper cooking technique resulting in slimy textured little things. The key to pan roasting mushrooms is to cook them at a high eat in olive oil.

1. Heat olive oil in skillet to medium-high heat. The oil should be sizzling hot.

2. Clean the mushrooms and trim if needed. Put in the hot pan cap side down and don't touch them. Season with a little salt and pepper.

3. After 2-3 minutes flip the mushrooms over and cook for another 2-3 minutes. Done.

It is an easy, fast process that results in a mushroom that is crispy on the outside, tender on the inside. No slime, no mush, just mushroom goodness. The same principle applies to sliced mushrooms. They should be cooked fairly quickly at a high temperature.

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  1. By trimming do you mean cut off the stems? Do you need to cut them off? I always wondered about that.

    1. Yes, cutting off the stems. In this particular method it is best done with the stems cut off so that you can flip them over easily, cooking one side and then the other. Pan roasting them with long stems is a bit harder and you would more likely end up with unevenly cooked mushrooms.

      Stems are completely edible. Sometimes I cut off just the very end of it if it looks dried, shriveled, or anything else unappetizing.

  2. High heat is certainly the key to the best mushrooms possible! Thanks for sharing this great post...



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